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Enable Content Editor Web Part - CWEP in Teams and Group Sites

If you try editing site pages in the associated SharePoint site created when working with Teams and Groups, you'll find that you only get the following web parts under Media and Content:

Getting started with your site

Image Viewer

Page Viewer

Picture Library Slideshow Web Part

Pretty limiting indeed! In fact, the following list identifies all the web parts that are not enabled.

Business Data

Visio Web Access

Content Rollup

Relevant Documents

Term Property Timeline XML Viewer Media and Content

Content Editor - CEWP

Script Editor

Silverlight Web Part Search

Refinement Search Box

Search Navigation

Search Results

Social Collaboration

User Tasks

To enable these web parts, you need to

2. Enable custom scripts on the site through PowerShell SharePoint Online Management using the following script.

The "DenyAddAndCustomizePages" setting will revert back to enabled after a day or so but the web parts you add will continue to work.

For more details, check out Allow or prevent custom script on the Microsoft support site.

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